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Wearable Therapy

I have been having some fun--and being able to wear the end products.  What's not to love about sewing?  Even the occasional wadder are part of the learning curve, right?  The constant learning--not only new fitting skills and sewing techniques, but the spill over into learning new tech-y things, photography things, blogging things--is something I am really enjoying.  Plus the online sewing community is so much fun.

Anyway.  My successes :)
Shirt #2 from my TNT Simplicity 9158
this time in a basic black lightweight stretch poplin from
 This time I added a kicky facing.  Next time I might just do a bias binding instead of the facing.

Then a black skirt from a great bottom weight knit I found here in UB.  It was a dream to work with and feels great to wear.  It's from Vogue 8750
I really like the curves and fit and the vent in the back adds just enough leg.  Not sure about the length, though.  Still, I think I'll get a lot of wear out of it.

...and how about this crazy grosgrain ribbon facing?!

Oh!  and look at how the seams/invisible zip all come together, hmm?  Pat on back :)

From the same TNT I made my shirt from, Simp 9158, I just finished this from a lovely soft, light-weight cotton khaki twill from  I'm thinking that I'll get lots of wear with either sandals or boots.  I added a slit in the back to enable me to get in and out of the Jeep back home ;)
 I lined it in a cotton/poly blend I found here in UB.  Also got to use more of that fun grosgrain ribbon for the facing.

This made up really quickly from a downloaded Maria Denmark pattern, Kirsten Kimono Tee,

I made up in a beautiful Korean knit I found here.  I think this will be a great foundational piece with a colored cardi or such

Lastly, this could very well be a wadder.  The pattern was a free Hot Pattern download from   Slinky-Slouchy Drawstring Vest--the pattern is wonderful.  The problem is that I made it in a soft, drapey mesh-ish knit I found here.  The pattern calls for woven.  The back neck and armholes have stretched waaaay out of wack.  It actually looks nothing like the pattern and I cringe to think that Hot Patterns would even see this.  That said, I haven't decided to live with it or chalk it up to that learning curve. But I'll definitely be making up the pattern again--for reals.

Wearing Option B.  Looked better in the mirror than in this picture!  hmm...

Very last of all--Fall has arrived in UB.  Glory!


Nikki said…
You have been busy!! And fast! LOVE the kimono tee, I may have to get that pattern. Cute knit too. Now that I've seen the black skirt, I think it would be better shortened a bit, to just below the knee :) The length on the white skirt, though, is fabulous, I love it!
HeathersSphere said…
Such fine looking pieces to have in your wardrobe! Thanks for sharing.

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