Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mental Rioting

Mental Rioting.  

Isn't that the coolest phrase?  I just heard it minutes ago on a Nat Geo bio on Darwin.  Thought it summed up a lot for me today.  All good.  Except for the head cold I'm getting over.  A glorious fall day is outside and I've been cooped up trying to mend.  Respiratory infections are not to be taken lightly here in UB.

The good news is that I was able to snuffle about and cut out 4--count them: 4! sewing projects today.  Very excited about them.  

Oh, and the really, really good news is that Mr. M indeed fixed my serger.  The same day.  He's a keeper.

Before the cold hit, it hasn't all been sewing here.

I started helping out with conversational English with bright young people working in Mongolian government who are trying to get to Australia to work on Master degrees.  Last Friday I was thrilled to be invited to tag along on a tour of the Parliament Building.  Quite a privilege for a local, never mind a foreigner!

I've joined a Pilates class that meets twice a week.  Love it.  No pictures.  

We've made some Absolutely Amazing pizza a few times.

We continue to bond with our Miele oven.  The pizza is made right in the shelf pan and cooked on Intense Baking which totally cooks the bottom without burning.  Those Germans.

I found and joined a quilting group!  About a dozen ladies gather weekly from 10-3 on a come-and-go basis with lunch in the middle.  Total Kindred Spirits.  I whipped up some potholders so I'd have some hand work to do, though a machine is usually set up.  Plus a cutting board.  And piles of cotton odds and ends to swap.  My people!

I'm back to sewing, aren't I?  Hmm, well.  A lot of Mental Rioting has been going on regarding sewing today.  Nikki turned me on to this blog:  Goodbye Valentino

The author decided a year ago to quit spending a fortune on (admittedly gorgeous) clothes and to sew everything.  She's now celebrating the past year and has some amazing clothes to show off.

I've been fascinated with this blog all weekend.  You know, I could  do this.  By trial and error I've learned so much this past year--not only acquiring lots of new sewing techniques, but about myself.  My style for my life at this time.  The colors that are really working for me.  --and the internet sewing community is such a huge blessing--and downright fun.

There's been quite a bit of dialog on the sewing blogs lately on how distasteful conventional shopping and consumerism has become to many sewists.  That, too, hit a chord with me.  

I think I'll put the mental rioting aside for a bit and go heat some soup.  I sign off with this pile of great fabric scored here last week:
The top one is a silk suiting! 

Yes, I know.  A bit monochromatic.  But these are Korean, feel heavenly and will make some great basics.

Now, here's some color :)  Again, beautiful & soft.

OK.  Soup and Kleenex are calling.


Nikki said...

Love the fabrics! Glad you're blogging more :) And SO glad you like that blog!!

Rita MacLean said...

Mental rioting - great phrase. I mentioned "multtasking the mind" today which sounds similar. For some reason, "compartmentalize" keeps running through my brain tonight, but I'm not sure why...