Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fabric Finds!

Things are a changing here in UB--my hole-in-the-wall shop is now importing from Korea  and Russia where once there were only bolts of shiny silk-esque (polyester), now the place is crammed, floor-to-ceiling with rolls of all kinds of knits, velours, shirtings AND wools--even cashmere wools! etc.  Good cottons have yet to arrive--and the thin, scratchy Hello Kitty stuff used for bedding (ouch!) does not count.

Anyway, check out my purchases--the knits were about $4 a meter and the gray wool $10 a meter and the lavender one that I'm sure is cashmere was only $12 a meter.  I'm happy.

This great wool--not sure if this one is cashmere but has a great feel and hand


The super soft jacket-weight wool I think I posted last time.  The textured right side is worth another post  I think :)


This light knit with a faint silver paisley print for going out on the town, maybe?


This silver knit for a shell or something for next holiday season.


This lavender cashmere wool from Korea (anything from Korea is great; from dish soap to well, anything)--my real find.  It feels sooo good.  I'm thinking for a Spring jacket.

Purple stretch velour.  Looks like royalty, hmm?

So, for once I'm taking fabric back to the US.  Weird.  

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