Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Embracing 2012

I am SO looking forward to the new year!  Partly due to the plans I have for it and partly due to the dose of Acceptance God has graced me with.  Acceptance of this unconventional life Randy & I are living and even making friends with the challenges that come with it.  

Last year my Word was Peace.  I really think I grew in this area--as always, the spiritual affects our whole being.  

After some consideration, my word for this year is 
Be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus
2 Tim 2:1

A certain relationship in my life has exposed my lack in this area.  While I have come so far in learning about and experiencing God's grace to me, I really need to practice it horizontally.  I think this relationship will be excellent training.

Other goals I have for the coming year are:

Learning about finances. 
While I handle a large portion of our living expenses; insurance; property taxes; etc., I want to get a grip on the Bigger Picture.  

Do something with the "guest" room (ha!) in the basement.  
This will involve a major clean out, paint, etc.  
Anything and everything would be an improvement :)

Read through the Bible.  
I try to do this every other year and I really like the programs offered through the Navigators (free:)

Reduce/alter my usual maniacal routine of leaving the US for Asia--especially since this year promises to hold even more travel.  
Massage in Incheon Airport is just not enough.
Perhaps hiring help?!

Eat less and yoga even more.

My passion for sewing has returned full force since having an actual sewing room again in Colorado.  I have a sewing corner here in UB, but very limited access to fabric, patterns, etc.--but this can be overcome with planning, right? 
I want to:  
Plot my wardrobe needs before the actual season arrives--wow! 
Continue teaching Hannah to sew 
(and any of my other granddaughters who show interest!)
Take some classes!  
Join a sewing group/organization!
Try some online fabric ordering

That's it.  That's enough!  I met about half of last year's goals.  The other half morphed into other things; for instance instead of learning more Mongolian, I learned the language of Apple.  OK, there were a few that didn't even come close.  So it goes; life!

To the future!
For all that has been,  thank You;
For all that is to come, yes.
Dag Hammarskjold

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