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Catching Up on Looking Back

...I missed a week.  Good thing I make goals and not resolutions.  Sometimes I either live life or blog about it and life in real time should always win, right?  So, for dear ones far away, I'll play catch up.

Let's see...the 4th of July!  We had an after-church barbecue:

Followed by fireworks the night of--SO fun.  Natalie & Layla were mezmorized and it was such a hoot watching them watch!

not so flattering...maybe should have edited :) --but my normally darling darlings were caught in the dark with a flash

Then, there was a tea party and ice cream...skipping right over the part where Kelby squished 2 fingers in the kitchen stool...

I got to share in a fond farewell to Becky & Ryan who are off to Virginia for pharmacy school...

Then there was the chaos of my sewing loft--and flurry of inspiration resulting in piles of projects started.  I've actually almost completed a few--for next time :)
More clothing (for me :) inspiration

A wall quilt for a birthday surprise...shh...

A few things from the kitchen that will make some who are very far way drool.  We have friends in Mongolia who made a pact long ago to not discuss food that is more than 1,000 miles away.  --but pictures don't count do they? :D

Finally, musings of others that blessed me:

"there was something extraordinarily sweet and comfortable about a friend who knows you and accepts you at your worst, your most bitter, or defeated, who sees your emotional ugliness naked and is not afraid to call it by name, and yet does not turn from you or allow you to cease to struggle, who wills your survival as precious."  The William Monk mystery, Defend & Betray

"He asks us to walk with him through the blood and guts of our real experience in an honest pilgrimage where we let him show us what real strength, and real love, are all about." Strong Women, Soft Hearts

Return to your rest, O my soul.
For the Lord has dealt bountifully with you.
Psalm 25:15



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Shirt love.

In my long blogging absence I have actually been doing a lot of sewing and just general living.  While still pursuing the Perfect Pant (and making progress!), I have veered off that road into Shirt Land.  After watching countless YouTubes done by Peggy Sagers of Silhouette Patterns, I finally ordered up her  #600, The Classic Blouse.  After sewing 40+ years, I have to say I've picked up many new ways of sewing--and thinking about sewing & fashion from Peggy.

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So, I made up all 3 in Maria of Denmark's Kimono T.  This is my all-time favorite go-to T.   Perfect with my Magic Pencil skirts in stretch denim and twill.

Then, Kelby's mom said he could really use a new library tote--they  pretty much go every week :-)

I used outdoor fabric--50% off at Joannes and scored a piece of bright orange (his favorite color) on the 50%-off remnant pile.

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