Saturday, July 23, 2011

Canada, eh?!

I just got back from an amazing trip to Canada--to meet up with 2 amazing soul sisters I met in Mongolia. How amazing is that?  eh?  :)  We made up the same threesome last year at Lianne's in Pennsylvania.  This year Nancy played hostess in Ontario.

Nancy whisked us from the Toronto airport to a wonderful barbecue with 2 of her sisters and family, then on to her lake house--where we talked until 1, slept until 10, had breakfast/brunch/lunch around noon--in our jammies, outside, right by the lake.  Yep.  Big time in a large way.

Happy Birthday, Nancy! :D

Then, back through Toronto
to Nancy's home in Burlington.  After church on Sunday, we were treated to more of Nancy's family AND her mother, Connie's, World Famous Butterscotch Pie....yumms!  Family members actually fight over this pie and hide the leftover pieces from each other in cupboards, in bookshelves...must be a Canadian

Our last day there we day tripped over to the Canadian side of Niagra Falls, and yes, the view from their side is crazy amazing!  We topped the day off with a stop at the historic village of Niagra on the Lake (OK, seems we Americans burned it to the ground in 1813--but we've since tried to reconcile by buying tons of maple syrup every year :)  We strolled.  We shopped.  We dined.  ...and sweated a whole lot...

We stopped for a quiet moment by the shores of Lake Ontario before heading back home (we look like really soggy tourists :)

Oh, hey!  Look at this:  vinyards in Ontario!  Who knew?

I loved every moment spent with Nancy & Lianne (minus a few crazy-hot nights :) and loved my first experience in Canada!  This trip was good for the body, good for the mind, and certainly good for the spirit.

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