Monday, June 27, 2011

(more) Swimming & Sewing

Actually, this week's blog will be similar to last week's...Swimming & Sewing.  I think that summer has actually sunk into my psyche.  I did manage to slow things down a bit last week.  Then the heat hit and slowed me down even more.  Yep, I could get used to taking things slow.  I should be sitting on my new porch swing mouth breathing by mid July--when I'll have to come out of my Summer Stupor in order to start traveling again. the meantime...

Last week friends from church came over for an Origami Night.  Kazumi, our sister of Japanese descent and resident origami expert, endeavored :) to teach us one of the most basic shapes.  Unfortunately, I didn't manage to take any group pics, but here's a few of the products of our hard labors.  Mine is the big orange one with, um, personality.  This is not my medium.  --but we had a lot of fun!  I wish I would have captured all of them on film before they started flying home :) There was quite a flock!

Then, there was the siren call of the pool...

This is blurry--because it was an Action Shot (and I don't have an Action Camera)!

All adults on deck!  Where's Amanda?  How come she gets to veg down at the deep end, hmm?

Stinker Kelby ;)

Then, from the Sewing (Therapy) Loft...I'm having a lot of fun sewing garments...for myself :)  ...and to have them fit, etc.--very gratifying!  It's been interesting to explore why the garments are pleasing.  One, a lot has to do with the fabric--at 54, fabric is my Friend.  Hides a multitude of sins ;) --but I also need light, fluid fabrics and a fit that skims, not hugs.  Which brings me to a Ponderance Two.  Is it just me or did there used to be a pattern section for "Mrs."?  I remember this from when I was very young--a whole section of patterns for, what they called back then, the Matronly.  Believe me, a C cup at 54 years old is NOT the same as a C cup on a 20 or 30 year old.  Sigh.  I just might pursue this with the pattern companies.  Stay tuned.

Tips gleaned these days mostly seem to come from my wonderful daughters.  Nikki recently passed on the tip of using a walking foot with knits.  Magic!
I sewed this tunic top up from a really light and soft knit from Denver Fabric's bargain bins.  I'm really pleased with the fit and feel; very flattering.


Then I finished up this blue sweater; again, very light, soft & drape-y knit.  Taking a tip from Nikki, I doubled the collar/scarf piece width and sewed as one piece to avoid hemming a bias edge.  Very pleased with this one, too!

I end the past week and start the new one with a challenge the Lord gave me from Neh 9:17:  

...but You are God.
Ready to pardon
Gracious & merciful
Slow to anger
Abundant in kindness

am I.? imitators of God, dear children...  

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