Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Very Merry Mongolian Christmas

Yet again, it's been soooo long since I've blogged.  Last week I even debated continuing to blog or not and came to a decision:  my target audience will be my family and close friends.  Period.  If others take a peak, they're more than welcome, but my primary goal is to share my life which is so far away from home with the people who matter most to me.  Whew!  This decision has taken a great deal of pressure off me for some reason--after all, it's not like I have a huge blog audience just waiting for my next post.  Anyway, I do enjoy the technical challenge and creativity involved.  So, all that said, grab something warm and yummy to drink 'cause there are lots of pictures.

Here's a peak at my December in Mongolia.  Expats start leaving the country en mass to their home countries for Christmas.  This year I decided to stay and keep Randy company--though I have to admit I wasn't very good company as I tended to mope much more than I should have.  However, there were good times to be had...
like holiday baking & cooking...(that's pumpkin for soup and pies cooking in the crock pot)

 ...the party with my Bible study sisters at Nancy's place (that's the hostess herself yukking it up :)...

holiday sewing...including backing 16 knitted baby blankets with flannel to go to a needy maternity hospital next week (no, I did NOT do the knitting--you know me better than that :), and a Christmas table top quilt.  The table runner I bought from a local shop--it's from silk and not quilted at all.  I think it is gorgeous!

...the Notre Dame Orphanage Christmas program--note the little sheep's behind--he was quite an unruly sheep :D

...our Christmas Eve buffet dinner with as many remaining expats as we could find plus two Mongolian friends, Shagai & Ulzimaa & children Tselmeg & Enkhmaa--my Kenyan friend, Jane and her Dutch husband, Jon, as well as the Mongolians had never seen or tasted turkey!

finishing up with the Wagner Holiday party on Christmas night....can you recognize the moms above in a group picture below?  Oh, and the young guys from Wagner, Chris, Josh, Derrick & CJ, all dolled up?!  OK, Randy & I are probably hard to recognize, too--hint:  I'm the one dressed like the Queen Mum :)

...that's our December festivities.  One more week of the month left and I am hoping it will be a quiet one :)

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Rita MacLean said...

What a whirlwind month you've had, with lots of activities and time with friends! Thank you for sharing the pics, and for continuing with your is a delight when you post your adventures!