Saturday, May 22, 2010

Postcards from Granny Land

Well, it's been a long, long time since I've blogged--in blogger time anyway. I suppose sometimes living life takes precedence over blogging life. I have been in the US 6 weeks today (!) and have been totally swept up in the whirlwind that seems to surround life with my grandchildren. I have been very flattered to have several friends prod me to blog. Wow. So, not letting that go to my head, here are some pictures of my wee ones--the lights of my life and the focus of my prayers, for the most part (the next generation deserves plenty of prayer don't you think?!). That said, I have found it necessary to seek lodging somewhere else than my own home, which is presently occupied by 3 of my little darlings. Though I love them dearly, this stage of life I'm in demands large chunks of Peace & Quiet and a wee bit of Autonomy :)

Anyway, enjoy! The outdoor pictures are of Nikki's little ones rejoicing in their first visit to the home their parents just bought (but are waiting to close on.) I think they approve of the place, don't you? PS:  I made the little green critter that Andreas is holding--isn't he cute in an ugly kind of way?  ...and how about that football birthday cake Jana made for Elijah?

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John and Marnie said...

So fun to see your little ones and catch up -- thanks!

Rita MacLean said...

I'm so happy for Nikki & Casey, and the kids are going to love their backyard running room. Can a puppy be too far behind???