Monday, May 31, 2010

Jesus, Me, and Yoga

Almost a month ago I signed up for a 3-month membership at a local Dahn yoga center--and I have to say it has been life changing! Seeking to conquer my constant heart palpitations and gain lots more flexibility in ever creakier joints and muscles, I am constantly surprised--and delighted--to find it a profoundly spiritual experience. Not in a zen way, no Hindu gods invoked--but lots & lots of Jesus.

I have found this stage of life to be an intersection where my spiritual life & emotions collided head on with my body. Things that for years I could sweep under the rug or just push through (ok, and blame others, hold grudges, lash out, etc., etc., yuk & yikes); well, my body would no longer tolerate it. Results: constant heart palpitations, sleep issues, anger/depression, etc. God used the hormonal stew of this life stage to bring me to a Ground Zero of sorts--what a journey it has been! My trip to Cambodia was the beginning of Change; it rebooted my decision-making processes for starters, and was so great just be alone with the Lord. Since then, He has been dealing with lots of garbage in me; i.e., sin. The Bible refers to this kind of sin as weights and snares (Heb 12:1). So true.

Back to yoga. My center is run by a great young couple--the husband is Korean and his adorable redheaded wife is American. The Dahn approach is holistic--the whole body, lots of emphasis on the "gut" as being our second brain (hey--who am I to argue?) The bulk of time is spent on stretching and postures while bringing in the mind and spirit and my mind and spirit respond with a constant flow of scripture, prayers and praise. The Lord and I have dealt with some deep issues during the last few weeks--many of them in yoga class! So, I try to make it 4-6 times a week.

I've also been reading some great books and enjoying lots of time in the Word (focusing on Mtt 5-7 and Jo 15:9-17). Oh! And my body can do some pretty amazing things now, too! Oh! And no more heart palpitations!  Healing.  Inside and out.  Smile and sigh.

I'll share some of the books I've been immersed in as soon as I can figure out how to import the covers ;)

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Diane Brown said...

Wow Laurie... I just read your post and thought, "kindred!" Check out the recent post on my blog at and you'll see what I mean. I think I may add Take a Yoga Class to my list. :)

Marnie said...

It will be fun to meet the new you :)