Sunday, April 20, 2008

Paradise is not for Weenies II

While on Langkawi Island we signed up for a Mangrove Boat Trip. What a trip! It was sooo cool! Our guide, Dev, was amazing in himself. Dev was raised in Singapore by a UK naval officer who trained British troops in jungle warfare. He is just so passionate about the rain forests and recently got Langkawi declared a national park after the mangroves saved the island from the tsunami. You'll see a great pic of him showing us one of the island's charcoal kilns. We made some new friends on the trip! Represented on the boat is the UK, Finland, Australia and the good ol' USA. That day we saw mud walkers (little fish that live in mud and walk!), some deadly snakes (too close for me), a huge bat cave (again, too close for comfort), and Monitor lizards that get to 3 meters in length! I was the only volunteer brave enough to feed a stingray! He had a big wet smiley mouth and it was hard to keep my fingers free! We stopped to swim (and kiss :) in a lagoon that was like bath water. Before heading back, we lunched at a rather "rustic" place floating on the water (it pays to pray over your food :)--but it was a delicious Malaysian meal. It was hard to pick these few pictures as it was just such an amazing day! I hope you can appreciate why we fell in love with Langkawi.

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