Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Paradise is Not for Weenies #1

We just spent our quarterly time out (thank you Joe Wagner :) at Langkawi Island in Malaysia. Amazing. On these trips it's our habit to do "best of" comparisons of all the beaches we've been to in Asia --done while sipping our umbrella drinks at sunset; i.e., best of...sand/best of...pool/room/food--you get the idea. This was best all around. We booked a boutique resort, the Casa Del Mar, with only 34 rooms--each about 30 yards from the ocean. The room was exquisite--complete with cinnamon soap and turn down service! Every mid morning, carts went around to all the poolside & seaside loungers delivering pitchers of ice water (with lemon). A bit later came cold wash cloths (it was hot & humid you know :) only to be followed later with plates of sliced watermelon.
We made new friends. We gorged on lobster & crab morning, noon & night. We swam in the sea at all hours. We walked the sleepy beach town of Cenang most every day. Oh! And we had massage--picture gazing down through the massage table to bowls full of orchids--ahh. You in the States need to know that this week cost close to what a week's stay at Best Western in USA would cost. Hawaii---why??? We have found the beaches of Asia to be drop dead gorgeous and sooo affordable!
Lest you think we turned into total beach slugs, stay tuned for our Mangrove Rain Forest trip!

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BJ said...

Waa, waa, waa!

Just kidding. Glad you had a wonderful time enjoying God's creation and comforts. Was the best part about it the fact that you had electricity and running water?
Can't wait to talk with you.