Monday, August 4, 2014

Godess Muumuu

The muumuu or muʻumuʻu /ˈmm/ is a loose dress of Hawaiian origin[1] that hangs from the shoulder  Wikipedia

Before the big Hong Kong trip, I managed to make a muumuu for those weekend evenings when loose and comfortable is mandatory.  I used this great rayon knit I forgot I had here in UB.  Exotic, no?  Very godess-ish I think ;)   Especially since I was so busy getting the neckline & yoke placed just so that I didn't think about the "wings" placed in a rather odd spot.  

I used my TNT Simplicity 2852, just making it longer like I did for my muumuu stateside, seen here.

I had enough left over to make yet another Kirsten Kimono Tee, a free download you can find here. (Note:  all her patterns are great--very well drafted)  

In fact, Kirsten Kimono Tees and Magic Pencil Skirts (find here)  have become my uniform this summer.  I feel comfortable and yet somewhat put together in this combo.  Note:  the armhole is not that low--I'm stupid sensitive about that.  Guess my hand is pulling it down.

Yep, comfort is king these days.  I've liberated myself of heels.  Maybe a 2" at a formal.  Or 1 1/2" on a Clark anything.  One of my best ever decisions.  Right up there with the one to quit coloring my hair.  

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