Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Le Coat

At last!  Here's Burda Coat 08/2013 #103 that I started on in the fall--much too late to wear in Mongolia, but I've gotten to wear it lots back here in Colorado.  It has been very warm and snuggy even in the low 20's F.

I just noticed that the hem is not even in this picture.  It's perfect on me, though.  Whew!
 The fabric--spied by my husband (!) in my favorite jam & cram fabric store in UB-- is just perfect--body enough for shape yet is soft and has some drape.   Note:  he was with me.  He doesn't normally just hang out in fabric stores.
Wrong Side:  soft & smooth

Right side:  textured & woolly

The fact that Black & Blue is On Trend is a total accident.  I've always liked the color and I bought the fabric before the trend arrived.  Usually trends go on without me because I'm such a slow sewer!

Here's a close-up of the clasp thingies I found in UB.  Perfect match!

It's so soft on the inside that I didn't line it.  I found some mystery fabric in UB that was smooth on one side and slightly fleecy on the other for the facings.  I interfaced the facings and collar with French fuse interfacing.  I used the same facing fabric for the pockets.  Less bulk.
I also did Hong Kong finishes on all the seams.
Just to look nice.

Ta Dah!
Here's the coat with a blue (Mongolian cashmere ;) scarf I already owned.
I am so enjoying this coat!

...and hey, I left Mongolia at -25 F or so and landed in Denver at -13!  What's up with that?

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Nikki said...

WOW! Beautiful! I'm super impressed, it looks awesome :)