Saturday, August 4, 2012

Asia Through New Eyes

I'm a wee bit after-the-fact with this post; but alas, a large deal of my life is taken up with trying to get enough sleep on either side of the 15-hour time difference I am constantly throwing at my body.  Sleep is essential to brain activity with me.

Anyway!  Our two beautiful daughters recently journeyed to Mongolia with me to see the world their Dad has worked in for the last 8 years.  Mind you, UB is more civilized now than it was not so long ago.  Still, it's waaaay different than the US, which is what 3 flights entailing almost 30 hours of travel deserves, right?  Right.

The week flew by and then just us girls flew to Beijing for almost a week.  China, too, is a bit more civilized, though still definitely China.  Nikki was frothing at the mouth by the 2nd day of internet connection sensor (FB is illegal, for starters).  I think it's been 6 or so years since I've even flown through China.  Just too much drama and too little English for a woman traveling alone.  Especially when Seoul is so much the opposite.  

Since Nikki already posted--check out her version at Fancy That, I'm going to try to just put up my favorite pics.  Hard for me as I'm wordy.  Let's see how this goes.  

Here's our time in Mongolia (next post, Beijing)

We all 3 connect in San Francisco :

Visit to Wagner Asia to play with the Big Stuff:

Who could not love that face???

Little Nadaam Warrior :)

Shaggai & Ulzimaa joined us for a bit.  The Girls are here, the party can start ;)

Meeting up with the Blue Guy.  Scary even when he's not dancing

Jana peeking in at a Buddhist uh, service (?)

Fabric Nirvana

Latte at a French bakery in Mongolia with a few Friends from all over

Off into the Steppe...

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Rita MacLean said...

Laurie, how cool that you were able to show the girls around! I checked out Nikki's site and pics on Flikr and got a good idea how fun it all was. Great time of year for them to have visited you!