Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bari, Bari Cool

Port #3 was into Bari, Italy which is 2nd only to Naples in economic importance to Italy.  It's also a university town as well as an ancient port city.  We stuck to the old quarter, wandering around until we found the Castello Svevo --castles and palm trees:  how cool is that??  The castle was built around 1100, burned and was rebuilt a bit later that century; it's old, no?

The old city/castle walls (define old, hmm?)
Meandering through the medieval streets I was again struck by the marriage of the ancient with the working modern and I caught these:

Me thinks me NEEDS a Vespa!

Remains of the original Roman road--and people just walk around it!

Mary and Jesus--with bling!

Those who know a bit of Spanish can figure this one out, si?
A door onto the street just happened to be opened--look!  So this is where residents park!   I could SO live here, you?

We ended the afternoon at the shore--the water is right over there over that line of cars:
Then back to the ship for some dinner

We got back to our room after dinner, another one of Aldrin's CUTE creations greeted us (he even stuck my sunglasses on him :)

Ciao for Now!

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Rita MacLean said...

Just enjoyed a lovely virtual tour of Venice with you. Thanks for taking us along!