Saturday, April 23, 2011

Assembly Line Granny

I've been sorting through my digital pictures (7 years worth!!) lately and it tickled me how my holiday and just-because notes and gifts for my Munchkins have went from a few to 8 within those 7 years (! ) resulting in quite the assembly line of giving.  After all, I couldn't do for just 1 and not all 8 for goodness sake.  Here's some pictures of just a few projects--without the countless fun pillowcases I make most every year and the set of Bitty Baby clothes for each granddaughter when she turns 2 (receiving the Bitty Baby when she turned 1).  Before I leave the US in the fall, I always have books and jammies/nighties sewn or purchased for Christmas; but still, we like to send cards and icecream $ to mark all the holidays :)

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