Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Guy's Birthday

We just celebrated Randy's birthday here in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia--I believe the 7th that we've celebrated somewhere in Asia.   --Don't miss the truly Asian sentiment on the gift bag :D

Anyway, his birthday wish was for a nice, quiet day.  So, in honor of that wish, he got a birthday breakfast complete with real breakfast sausages!  They're produced here in UB as a joint venture with New Zealand and are free of MSG and a whole bunch of other stuff.  They tasted great  (they ought to for what we paid for them; hence saved for a birthday breakfast!)--not as fatty as US sausage.  ...hmm...amazing the things one gets excited about in a developing country... I had brought back this great Turkish robe from Land's End; perfect fit!  So will monogram it soon.  Let's see, we enjoyed a yummy lunch at a newer Thai restaurant, then home for his annual cheesecake.  This year is the traditional New York recipe with a crust made from a cookie-dough batter--a recipe that originated with my dear Aunt Hare, who sadly is no longer with us.  I've made pumpkin/ginger ones a few time that are really yummy, too.

According to Randy, this was a perfect birthday.  Glad to oblige, glad for another year to celebrate, Dear!

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BJ said...

Hi Mom,
I'm just now catching up on your blog. What a kick that gift bag is! It reminds me of a story the Matangelo's told about Peru. Doug had a b-day cake made for Anna at a bakery. The lady asked "Nombre?" Doug thought she was asking for his name (not thinking about what name to put on the cake). So later he picks up the cake and on it it said, "Happy Birthday Doug Ass" (Not only did "Anna" not get on the cake...but they couldn't even spell Douglas right!)