Sunday, March 15, 2009

My People!

Some things need no translation and that includes love of fabric and sewing. My Mongoilian friend, Selenge, has been after me for 4+ years to give sewing demos at her quilting center here in UB. I have finally agreed--and have had a blast! The language thing (the students speak almost no English and I use my "Monglish") is just no big deal. The first week I showed them origami fabric flowers from Kumiko Sudo's great book, Flower Origami. The next class we had Show & Tell and they just took the concept and ran with it! Now we've started Bible blocks (complete with the corresponding story :D ) --from this site: for a sampler quilt of old American blocks. The one group picture shows our finished Garden of Eden Block. Then, they taught me how to make these really cool little silk flowers made from circles!

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