Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

I just cannot put off blogging any longer--never mind that I'm living with 3 of my favorite little things right now and that they have been down with a virus. Yes, it's been like living in a TB ward. Anyway, I've added a video of Kelby taken when I first got to Denver-- toooooo cute. Oh, and I could not resist adding Natalie's "centerpiece" of fairy bodies--a festive touch to the table the night the pastor and his family came to dinner. :) That's Tinker Belle's rear end front & center just in case you're trying to place it. Oh, and that is my Greta Goose that i discovered in my bed--put there by nurturing Natalie. You might notice the baby monitor next to Greta--I took it for the girlsies while this plague has plagued us. to help Nikki out who has her hands full with a stuffed up Kelby ...ah, the things we forget the love/hate relationship with the baby monitor.

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