Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Sawadee is the meet 'n greet phrase in Thailand and is always accompanied by folded hands and a bow. I thought it would be interesting to have a cultural exchange of airline attendants; say, do a secret switch of a crew of Asian flight attendants (who always smile and speak softly--oh, and are gorgeous) with a crew of North American ones. Hmm. Neither would know what hit them.
For those of you in the deep freeze back in the US, thought you might like a glimpse of our time out last week :) This time we went to Phuket Island in Thailand; a little piece of heaven! We left Mongolia at -25 F and basked in Phuket's 85-90's. Ahh...The beach was pristine (the picture of our feet is in the ocean, not the pool!) and the resort stunning--we had a private patio with an outdoor shower (yes, we had one inside, too)--all for less than the average Best Western back in US. I think Randy's smile says it all, don't you? Oh, and the brushes below are hawked to beach slugs like us; to brush away the sand, don't you know :)

One last thought: interesting how the White people immediately set out to clothe the natives in these places--now it's the natives who dress head-to-toe against the sun and the White people who could use a bit more fabric (OK, a lot more).

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