Friday, October 24, 2008

Stitchin' in Outer Mongolia

Today I went to the grand opening of the New Life Quilting Centre here in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Selenge (in picture #2) began this work 5 years ago in an effort to help Mongolian women find a creative outlet for relaxation as well as create community for them. Selenge, as a single mom herself, has also tried to help other single moms earn income (and self-respect) through the art of quilting. From humble beginnings in a yukky basement apartment (where the toilets above would often overflow into the Centre's space) to this wonderful new location, the Centre is a success in every way. The day drew a good crowd of foreign as well as local women--and TV cameras!

I think the pictures speak for themselves!

Below is the the Centre's workshop--looks like one of Santa's, eh?
A better woman would have left her own stuff out...but not me! It's been so long since I shared my stuff, I cannot resist. Here are just a few of the projects I worked on in the past few months, several done in the mayhem of helping my daughter with her newborn and 2 toddlers.

Here is a princess dress to replace one that was in shreds. The smile says it all. :) Couldn't leave sister Layla out. She was in dire need of her very own tutu. Alas, I did not have time before I left to sew one so bought (gasp!) a Fancy Nancy one. She loved it.
Here is a clown custume for the family clown, Abby, who turned 6 in September. I think it was a hit (even though competing with the 1st missing tooth).Here is a set of bibs made for the new little man in our family, Kelby. OK, the pumpkin is not mine--my daughter Nikki was cranking those out right & left despite just giving birth. Show off!

This notetaker will be familiar to many of you. I made this here in UB for my IWAM meetings and grocery lists. The fabrics were left from Abby's clown costume--makes me smile!

These bibs & burp cloths were made for a new baby here in UB.
I made these sassy little skirts (one with a kick ruffle, the other pleated) while in Colorado, for Natalie who is 3 :)
Blog speaking, I may be (a titch) caught up. maybe....

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Nikki said...

I LOVE this post!!!! It's great to see pictures of Selenge's quilting ministry. And of course, all the sewing, too, I love your note taker! Love you.

belinda said...

wonderful post....soo inspiring!!!