Thursday, July 10, 2008

Company Picnic Mongol Style

A few weekends ago Randy's company, Wagner Asia Equipment, held their annual picnic. This year deviated from our usual foray into Terlj National Park. Instead, we were treated to a new venue at a 13th-Century style park. We ended up stopping 4 different times: 1st stop the new HUGE statue of Chinggis.
2nd: a "13th-century" encampment (that's Randy and I sitting on the Khan's "13th-century" throne below).
Next, we stopped a canyon set up as a 13th century arena. The company was divided into teams, as usual, for traditional Mongolian games. This year some teams dressed in traditional Mongolian costume (so no laughing at Randy! Is there anything more goofy than white people in other country's national costume?) and some in matching T-shirts. That's Randy's assistant, Shagai, giving us the peace sign. As soon as we all got settled in the "13th Century Arena," it started pouring rain! Below is my friend, Ruth, huddling in a 13th-Century Cave. We got absolutely soaked. But the sun did come out later in the day and we did manage to dry out.

Next stop: lunch. We were treated to a wonderful meal served in a "13th-Century Kahn's Ger." You can see the boss; i.e., Tom Dargh, and visiting company guys seated at the Kahn's table.

Next stop: riding yaks, camels & Mongol horses (complete with wooden saddles! Not for weenies.) I just cannot stay away from the camels! They just have so much personality!

Very last stop: awards (how about that Award Goat's Head eh? Again, I don't make this stuff up!), and dancing to Russian disco & the Beach Boys.

A great day!

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