Friday, March 28, 2008


I'm free! I'm free! Even though I have had a Mongolian driver's license for 3 1/2 years, I just couldn't do it. Oh, I tried a few weekend city drives and a few trips out to the airport, but the aggressive no-rules-apply style of driving in this 3rd world country just undid me. Fast forward 3 years: hundreds of trips schlepping to meetings, getting groceries and begging rides from friends with drivers--oh! and dealing with the Wagner van schedule, well...enough is enough. I asked Randy for a car for this Friday, expecting a retired 5-speed pickup belonging to Wagner. Nope! Randy had his own car delivered to me this morning--a Land Rover Discovery that I believe is worth more than my house in USA! So be it--off I went. It was wonderful! I went to Good Price (the American goods store), Mercury (the veggie market), picked up cleaning, dropped by the IWAM library, went to lunch with a friend, made a salon appointment, stopped by an ATM--all while maneuvering through crazy, crazy traffic and equally crazy roads and rules. OK, I did pray first thing, "Lord, please don't let me do any harm; to another being nor this car." God is faithful--He sets the captives free, right? Now, this car is still Randy's and on loan to me temporarily. Seize the day, eh?
P.S. I cannot get rid of the underscore, sigh. Also, you may note by the puddle I'm standing in how tickled I am :) Posted by Picasa


Nikki Schreiner said...

Wow! I'm so happy and proud of you! Will this be a regular occurrence? (I've had this underscore thing happen to me a few times in the past too and I couldn't figure it out either.)

BJ said...

That's great. What is that saying? Something like, "desperate situations call for desperate measures." A woman can be good behind the wheel too, if she has a little rage to fuel her aggression on the road, don't you think? The law of the leading bumper is a good one. No more Mrs. Nice Woman Hahahaha!

BJ said...

Oh, yes, Jana left the last you!

craigkendall said...

Depends sometimes required for excitement in old age.

Congrats on the ride and outing. That's exciting. Next thing you know you'll be driving out across the dessert somewhere or something! You GO girl!